From the Ashes – I LIVE.

Hey all, it’s been a while! I remain upon this earth and haven’t been spun off into the void, and I owe you guys a major, forehead-on-the-floor apology. I kinda…up and vanished, practically into the ether. I started a new job at the beginning of March and…well…holy shit. It’s been WORK and I don’t mean […]

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Updates and Downpours

Hey all, long time no talk! First and foremost, I am so, SO sorry that I vanished on you. Things got fairly crazy suddenly, and I had to put aside the blog for a couple weeks so I could focus.  Let me take this time to fill you in. In light of the tragic school […]

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My Opinion – Persunal Biznuess

Hello all! I’m still working on my major post, but I’ve experienced a couple setbacks this week. My cousin had a terrible accident and is in the hospital (but is on the road to recovery), I have a broken tooth that needs pulled (tomorrow), and things have just been general craziness.  I should have my […]

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BRB- No, Really.

Hello all! Today’s post is needfully short, as a lot of things have happened around here this week that have prevented me from finishing the post I intended on putting up.  I’ll be taking pictures for that post this weekend, so expect something super cool for next week! See you then!

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